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About us

Established in 1993, Automac is founded on the production skills, know-how and governance of the various technical disciplines required to achieve mechatronics solutions for the automation of assembly and testing processes for a variety of industries. The company's success also comes from our ability to maintain long-standing relationships with our customers based on professional ethics, intellectual honesty and the quality of our products and service.

We also pride ourselves on our management and production skills, which totally hinge on listening, interpreting and responding functionally to the quality and efficiency expectations of each of our customers.
Automac is a robust technical company which relies on extensive know-how in a variety of disciplines – mechanics, electronics, pneumatics, electrical systems and IT – to produce tailored assembly and mechatronics systems.

Mechatronics cluster of excellence
Automac's production and development capacity has been boosted by the company's membership of the "Committee for automation excellence", a synergistic ecosystem. The committee is made up of two other important companies in the automation industry – Cosberg SpA and Cosvic Srl – and thus, combines the experience, know-how and production capacity of all three into a single entity.

AIDAM logoAutomac believes in the opportunities generated by homogeneous clusters and the strength of bringing together different companies, albeit operating in the same market. That's why Automac Srl joined Confindustria in 2012 and, since 2000, has played an active part in AIdAM - the Italian Association of Automation and Mechatronics ( - an association founded to promote the automatic assembly industry and, more recently, mechatronics solutions in Italy and abroad.
AIdAM's mission also involves facilitating the increasing technical and cultural cooperation between its members and developing relations with public organisations, universities and research centres.

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