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All-round innovation to beat the competition

top logoInnovation for all company processes, ideas, components, solutions and, last but not least, the business model. This is the model that is practised by Automac, a Bergamo-based company which operates with growing success in the market of assembly solutions, a sector where several Italian companies excel and operate successfully on the international scene.

In an increasingly competitive market like the industrial automation sector, some companies have made enduring quality and reliability their key rule of business. In many cases, this important has seen the direct commitment of entrepreneurs, as it involves implementing a business model where continuing improvement is applied to all sectors in order to increase the value perceived by the market and, thus, the ability to retain customers and acquire new ones.
Automac COP Perico"Although not without potential difficulties, this is exactly the route taken by Automac – explains Franco Perico, driving force and co-founder of the company – because, right from the start, quality and innovation have been at the core of our business model".
A quick look at the company's history confirms the progress achieved since 1993, the year in which Automac was founded by three partners sharing considerable experience in industrial automation, with the aim of becoming the go-to company for assembly system solutions.
Automac's systems are used to great satisfaction in various industries, ranging from automation, furniture and electromechanics.
"Our relationship with our customers is very important – says with stresses Franco Perico – so we never just stop at creating the system; we also get directly involved in its commissioning and we are ready to intervene at short notice if there are any problems on the system and/or, as is increasingly the case, when an extension is required".
Good relationships are one of the leitmotivs of Automac's success and is considered a business asset in its own right.
"We believe in industrial relations at all levels", confirms Perico. "On the one hand we wanted to strengthen our capacity to compete by joining the Cosberg Group with Cosvic, with whom we share know-how and individual operating skills; on the other hand, we are members of AIdAM, the Italian Association of Automation and Mechatronics ( because we believe strongly that associations can respond to the current market situation and they allow provide us with a voice in those venues where measures and initiatives are discussed for industry".

IMG 0132 smThe choices made by Automac are both important and intelligent. The Cosberg group, created to bring together different and separate companies, aims to operate with the flexibility of a small business, while having the drive of a larger company. In fact the synergies created are many in number and cover several sectors: in purchasing, with large savings on volume components; in design, where the same software solution is used, thereby facilitating the exchange of components libraries; in commercial development, because, as a group the companies can handle more issues thanks to their diverse experience gained in many technical sectors; financially, because a group of companies has a better relationship with banks, and is a greater guarantee for customers.
"An extremely positive experience – Perico emphasises – which I would recommend to other companies, which although small and capable, may also want to deal with the market without missing out on opportunities because of their size".
There is more and more talk of innovation and it might seem that the competitive drive should only involve products, and maybe the processes leading to their creation. But we forget that, actually, innovation should, first and foremost, affect culture and company management, regardless of the size of the company and the industry we operate in.
"In this sense – says Perico – we consider ourselves a company that has applied the concept of innovation all round. Obviously a great deal of energy was dedicated to the technical sector, one of the company's greatest assets and thus provided with the most innovative instruments for effective design development. The aim is to design what will later be created in one go, in order to reach three objectives: quality for the solution, compliance with timing and costs, and, last but not least, generating value to ensure high levels of customers satisfaction, which has so far been our only marketing tool, opening doors for us in other companies, too".

IMG 0137 smOne of Automac's greatest assets is, without a doubt, the relationship and collaboration it has formed with the Brembo group, for automatic solutions dedicated to the assembly of brake systems. This journey has enabled the company to specialise in the high-level production offered by Brembo, i.e. brake systems installed on high-performance vehicles involving big marques such as: Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes etc., for whom Automac has developed specific automatic assembly solutions for each type of brake system. Extreme customisation involving the commitment and satisfaction of all the business section.
Once again, financial considerations may well be an important factor when it comes to choosing suppliers, but these should be weighed against their values and their capacity to be and remain genuine partners.

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